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Let's Talk about sex baby

So me and one of my close homeboys decide to have a sex convo about how its different for men and woman to reach their breaking point, What can you do to make that shit wetter and how to keep shit Spiceyyy!

"Him": yes. its mental even more so for women.

"Me": yea

"Him: like for instance when im fucking and im really going in and i see shorty is really enjoying it honestly rell if i say to her "u wanna cum on my dick" 4 or 5 times she will cum
"Me": wtf foreal
"Him" yeah like

"Me": thats crazy

"Him": i'll be like u wanna cum on my dick and she says yes ask her again she says yes
"Me" : o wow
"Him" : and we go back n forth like 4 or 5 times, mentally....her hearing her own self saying she is gonna cum, makes her cum its mental yo now im not saying im some sex guru and i lay it down like no other but i know from experience a nigga cant be like..."you gonnna cum" after 5 minutes but if a nigga knows you and knows your body and the signs and the movements and the sounds u make when u really feel good, he should play on that and help u cum women are more verbal, while men are more visual u ever wonder why women read nasty books and men watch porno?
"Me" : wordddddddddddddd lol *** you good
"Him": because when u read you are speaking to yourself in your head what u see on the page - verbal and men gotta see shit lol get that nigga to talk dirty to you and not no corny shit lol it gotta be a back n forth conversation. one where he asks the questions and u answer like..." damn, you a nasty bitch aint u?" and u say " yeah, im nasty daddy" it sounds cheesey but when yall in the heat of shit, it comes naturally and it gets u more wet
"Me": lol ok
"Him": yo lol me and my ex aww man smh
"Me": lol
"Him": i cant tell u the shit we did
"Me": tell me about it
"Me": why not!
"Him": u wouldnt look at me the same lol
"Me": o please
"Him" :lol well first off, your pussy needs to stay wet, and once its wet my goal is to get the shit wetter than wet so one thing i like to do is, if im knockin it down...every few minutes, pull out and lick the clit and around the rim of the pussyi do that.....its a fuckin wrap shorty will go crazy
"Me": oh man
"Him": especially when i pull out from hittin it doggy and lick her pussy from behind knees...................buckle everytime
"Me" : ohh shitt lol visual i feel like im reading a book now fucking zane sex chronicles n shit
"Him": but my hands is all over the place cuz as women, yall gotta be stimulated in a rhythm so like in doggy im behind hittin it, but im also reachin around massaging the clit and/or squeezing titties and fiddling with nipples betwen my thumb and index slightly pulling it at that point usually shorty will grab my hand and make me squeeze her whole titty sometimes i gotta spit on the pussy one to make it wet but also to bring out that nasty factor
"Me": Lol @ Nasty Factor
"Him": so while im eating it, i spit on it, lick the spit off the clit and flick it around inside all this is foreplay shit but can be done during sex too
"Me": you really bring a porno to life! thats cool tho
"Him": i've used blindfolds cuz u dont know where im at or what im bout to do when u got a blindfold on and dont know when a tongue or penis is bout to go in youyour mind races
"Me": ill be scared lol
"Him": and mentally...that anticipation will put u over the edge like if im hitting it doggy, i'll ask " you like how my balls are hittin your clit while im fuckin u" she'll say " yeah" then i'll just pulll out and lick her clit fuckin wrap she got that blindfold on...she dont know wtf is going on get that ice...rub it on them nipples. get em nice and hard all that shit
"Me": Wow lol you be goingg in thats good though all men should do shit like that
"Him": yea....when u with someone for a minute, you gotta do shit to stimulate the mind chicks get tired of that same old.....hug me up, rub on my titties, kiss my neck, then try and fuck me routine i done played doctor and nurse. late nite jogger and rapist, prinicipal and student in detention, broke chick who cant afford to pay her rent and landlord damn i could go on...
"Me" lmaoooo
"Him" im seasoned baby! dont have the biggest dick in the world, i dont have the model body but yo....i puts it down son motherfuckers come back real talk
"Me": i know i remember from back in the day i heard about you sir lolll


Trell said...

let go deeper did you give him the skins?

Backyard betty said...

lol nah no skins

Trell said...

you and me should have a similar conversation...different outcome guaranteed