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Keepin your Grill fresh..

I know the majority of us must have encountered that one person with the maximum Halitosis...Now lets give the run down of what you should do in the morning to prevent this from happening.

I don't know if everyone flosses in the AM but I do just makes me feel better...It takes out all the food and all that extra shit you may have hiding inbetween your teeth.

After the flossing session through some of this in your mouth gargle for 30 seconds (I do it for more just because I love the way it feels ;D) should start tingling that means its working...Then spit don't swallow (hehe)

Throw a good amount of this on your toothbrush (I always put more than I'm suppose to because i feel like the more the better ::Shrugs:: and plus I love to see all the suds being created as I'm brushing)

Last but not least the tongue brush...I know alot of people who skip out on this part but its very important to brush your tongue the whiter your tongue is most likely you have bad breath this is where all the germs come to chill and create that nasty odor that you punish everyones noses with. Now lets get it together people...

Bad breath is not whats up.

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Anonymous said...

Remember kids, use Toms toothpaste...Fluoride is NOT good for your teeth in the long run...a PSA from Dr. BoKnowsBest

LOL, I'm serious though